Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break 2011- the grown up edition

So, not that I think anyone reads the blog anymore to see what I am up to, because after all this blog has really turned into all about Shelby, but just in case here is what I did over my spring break.

* Added composting and worked up the garden beds to be ready for the spring planting
* cleaned out the patio planters
* worked on planning Shelby's adoption finalization luncheon... more on that later.
* worked in the never ending project of the guest room/play room to be
* watched 8 episodes of season three of Dexter.
* used two gift cards leftover from Christmas....
* From Phil and Becky I downloaded three new books to my Kindle.
* From Linda and Tom I bought new bath mats and towels for the master bath.
* I cleaned out from under my bathroom sink which is a job in itself.
* I lost my sunglasses!! ARRRGGGGG!
* took a half a million pictures of Shelby
* finished working on our taxes
* got the car washed
* played many many games of Words With Friends
* had a fabulous time taking care of Shelby and hanging out just being a family.

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Meredith said...

I have been wondering about one thousand gifts. let me know what you think, please.